You Can Increase Your Bath’s Function and Beauty with the Right Enclosure

Posted on Nov 29 2015 - 10:19pm by Home Gurus

Bathroom in PerthHigh-tech showers have long replaced their old, outdated and plain predecessors. Today, you can find these in a wide range of styles and designs, offering features that provide ease of use and convenience.

Showers are not the only ones that have undergone dramatic changes: so have their enclosures. There are now dozens of screen types to choose from, available in incredibly low prices.

To get the best value for your bathroom renovation or remodelling project, recommends paying close attention to enclosures. They may just be your next best investment.

Why you should invest in a shower enclosure

A new shower enclosure can be one of the easiest, cost-effective ways to give your bathroom a makeover.

Now is the best time to get rid of your old and mouldy shower curtains, and replace them with a quality screen. Shower screen types can include fully-framed, semi-frameless and entirely frameless versions, each with their benefits and advantages.

With a decent shower enclosure in place, you can minimise the risks of mould and mildew development, a very common problem with curtains.

This not only makes them perfect for increasing your bath’s appearance and appeal, but also helps maintain a healthy environment, your second most utilised room.

Making the right choice

Since there are just so many options, it would be so easy to make a wrong choice. Don’t jump at the first deal or screen that catches your eye and take your time to decide.

Consider a number of important factors, such as size and measurement in relation to your bathroom’s dimensions, amount of bathroom traffic, as well as additional features you think will benefit you and the rest of the household, and of course, your budget.

Like any part of the house, your bathroom could use makeover every now and then. With functional and aesthetic benefits, a shower enclosure may be your best option.