Why Weeds Keep Pestering Your Yard

Posted on Apr 19 2018 - 8:29am by Ann Gillispie

Man using a weed-pulling toolWeeds can be compared to pests. They annoy you since they destroy the appeal of your cut lawn. They can sometimes be harmful to your lawn grasses as well. For this reason, homeowners seek the services of yard weed control experts, like Greenside Landscaping in Salt Lake City, to combat weeds. But how and why do they proliferate, in the first place?

Fast growth rate

For one, weeds grow much faster than lawn grasses. In fact, if you maintain a vegetable patch in your backyard, weeds will outgrow your vegetables too. Many weeds take only a few days to burst out of the ground. At the same time, they can produce a large number of seeds that can easily grow more weeds.

Not enough grass

The second reason for strong weed growth lies in your lawn or backyard itself. You may lack enough grass to cover the entire land. Any fertile space unoccupied by grass will only become a fertile land for weeds to grow on. You can add more grass to uncovered areas, or you can plant shrubs or trees if you have the space.

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Too much mulch

When you have filled your lawn or backyard with grass and plants yet weeds still grow, the problem may lie in your mulch. You likely use mulch to regulate the temperature of the soil, yet too much of it in any spot can encourage weed growth. When you use mulch then, make sure that you spread it out evenly.

Too much water and fertilizer

You may also be using water and fertilizer too much. Any excess water and fertilizer will work in the same way as excess mulch.

Now that you know why weeds grow in your yard, you can easily address the problem with the help of yard weed control specialists.