Why Making Pipe Boxing Onsite is a Waste of Time and Money

Posted on Feb 23 2017 - 1:00am by Home Gurus

Skilled TradespeopleThe UK market for pipe boxing is a multi-million pound industry. However, note that an estimated three quarters of that is made up of carpenters, joiners, builders and plumbing engineers who fabricate pipe boxing onsite.

Hiring tradespeople to make pipe boxing from pieces of plywood and adhesive takes too much time and too much money. This calls for a change of approach. The solution has been there all along: premade or preformed casings.

Reduce Time, Save Money

Preformed pipe boxing in the UK has been available for more than two decades. Local authorities have seen their benefits in terms of speed and cost savings, and an increasing number of contractors and other construction trades have taken advantages of these benefits.

Preformed pipe boxing offers a versatile solution for concealing interior pipework in commercial and domestic applications from bedrooms and bathrooms to major heating installations. It’s especially suitable for low-level, exposed hot pipework below 2m, which must be boxed in according to current NHS guidelines.

The problem is the majority has yet to adopt this approach in their operations.

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Labour rates in the UK construction industry are rising, placing additional pressure on builders and contractors to remain competitive. Optimising the time that skilled tradesmen spend onsite becomes a key factor in delivering a project on time and on budget.

Here’s the problem, when it comes to pipe boxing onsite. These casings are used to conceal runs of pipe working buildings, often considered part of the joinery or carpentry package. The drawback with onsite fabrication is that it doubles the time required onsite, as well as the cost of labour. The time could’ve been spent better elsewhere on the project. Furthermore, because different tradesmen make and fit the boxing, the quality of work is likely to be inconsistent from project-to-project and possibly even from room-to-room.

It’s Time to Make the Switch

There will always be those who will resist change for one reason or another. However, for those who are resolved to reduce time on site, save money and improve the finish, you have all to gain and nothing to lose with utilising preformed pipe boxing.

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