Why is Garage Door Insulation Important?

Posted on Feb 5 2016 - 1:00am by Home Gurus

Garage DoorWhether you are looking to buy a new garage door or replace your existing one, one of the most important factors you’ll need to seriously think about is whether to choose an insulated or a non-insulated door. All garage doors are built to protect your garage from elements. Nevertheless, having insulated garage doors makes sense for a lot of homeowners living in harsh weather conditions.

Here are some reasons to consider having an insulated door: 

Noise reduction

External noise can be quite distracting. Whether it’s an overhead airplane, neighbours kids playing or a muscle car roaring outside, the truth is that external noise doesn’t always stay external. Having an insulated door reduces the noise hence giving you the peace of mind when you are sleeping or working in your garage.

Low energy bills

Garages often have empty spaces that allow cold air in. This leads to heat loss and increased utility bills as your heating unit overworks. Insulating your door is one way to reduce your heating bills during winter and your cooling bills in summer.

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Increase your home’s resale value

A lot of first time home buyers are looking for a house with an insulated garage door. This gives you a chance to sell your house at an extra cost.

Improve your vehicle’s performance

Vehicles are in their most vulnerable state in the morning. This is because the oil has cooled and needs a little push to reach an operating temperature. Having an insulated door keeps your garage warm, which means that your engine doesn’t have to overwork in the morning. A better functioning car means less strain on your engine and lower costs of maintenance.

When choosing an insulated garage door, it is essential to note that there are various levels of insulation normally called the R-Value. The higher the R-value, the better insulation your garage door has. Consult with a garage door professional to determine which kind of insulation works best for you and your home.