When the Size is Right: Buying a Spacious House

Posted on Dec 27 2017 - 9:37am by Home Gurus

a spacious interior of a houseThe first question any real estate agent will ask a first-time buyer is what size is suitable for your needs. Many potential homeowners will probably give out the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they prefer. However, the right property size encompasses much more than just the number of rooms you need. For instance, a two or three bedroomed house can fit in a thousand square feet of land. But this might be too small for someone who requires an extra space for a kitchen pantry, home office or laundry rooms. Here are some ways you could determine the appropriate property size to suit your needs in Lancaster, Cavite.

Consider Your Future

Moving from one house to another without considering your family’s future needs is often a huge miscalculation. Thinking about your plans is critical to avoiding relocating again after a few years due to limited space. You should consider space if you want kids, or you might want to get a family pet or want extra bedrooms for visiting relatives and in-laws. Think about these factors before deciding on your ideal home size.

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Assess Your Current Living Space

While you may accurately know the square footage of your current home, you may not be fully aware of the actual sizes of your rooms. Pull out a measuring tape and begin taking the measurements of each room. Knowing the accurate size of your current home will help make a better comparison with some homes for sale in Lancaster New City, Cavite.

While smaller houses are more affordable, buying one might turn out to be disastrous when you decide to extend your home after a few years. Consider your plans and needs if you need to buy a larger home. Adding or renovating may cost you more in the end, and your ideal home should provide room for all your activities personally and as a family.