Water Heater: Benefits of Going Tankless

Posted on Jul 31 2015 - 8:34am by Home Gurus

Tankless Water HeaterA water heater tank that serves several members in a household can be quite frustrating. With its limited hot water supply, you have to wait for it to refill and heat up the water before enjoying a hot bath. Or you might have to deprive yourself of a longer bath just to accommodate the rest of your family members.

Both options can be inconvenient and costly. So, why don’t you invest in a better water heating device? Beehiveplumbing.com notes that tankless water heaters in Salt Lake City, Utah can give you an adequate supply of hot water anytime because it comes directly from your water pipes.

Here are other reasons to invest in tankless water heaters:

Energy Saving

Using water heater tanks with limited hot water supply may increase your energy consumption and cost from all the refilling. You get to save a lot from your electricity bill with tankless water heaters, on the other hand. It reduces energy consumption by 10-15% since it produces hot water only when you turn it on. In addition, tankless heaters use less fuel, making them energy- and cost-saving at the same time.

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Space Saving

The more hot water you need, the bigger the space needed to install water heater tanks. It may take up much-needed space in your house. You can reclaim that corner in your house when you install a tankless water heater.

Enjoy Clean Water for a Long Time

Using a tankless water heater allows you to enjoy clean water for a long time. You get to enjoy water that’s free from rust and the particles that normally get stuck in outdated water tanks. In addition, tankless water heaters usually last for up to 20 years, longer than typical water heater tanks that only last for 10 to 13 years.

Going tankless definitely makes your life better. You’ll not only save energy and money but also enjoy clean water all day.