Warning Signs That Your Electrical System Is Failing

Posted on Jun 29 2016 - 8:02am by Home Gurus

Electrical SystemIf you have not sought for the services of a reliable electrical inspection expert for a couple of years, chances are that your electrical system has issues that you do not even know about. If the system is failing, there are some signs that it would give.

Here are some of those signs.


If you usually experience a tingling sensation each time you touch your electrical receptacles, you need to repair your electrical system. Such a problem is caused by faulty or older wiring. If you notice that your electrical panel overheats, you need to contact an electrician immediately. Faulty wires and overheating electrical panels can easily cause a fire.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

Flickering and/or dimming lights after connecting an appliance is a warning sign of an unsafe electrical system. If the same happens when it is windy, you need to seek help. This usually happens if one or more wires in the weatherhead are frayed. When frayed wires move when it is windy, they usually cause a short. Such a problem can cause a fire.

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Frequent Fuse Tripping and Blowing

If you are resetting your fuses or replacing them more frequently than before, you have a problem. Tripping and blowing usually happens when an electrical system is worn out. In some cases, it happens if your system cannot handle the high amount of electricity your place needs. Here in Draper, like anywhere else, it is important to consult reliable commercial electrical experts if you would like to install heavy electrical equipment at your workplace.

Burning Smells

If you notice a persistent burning smell in your rooms or appliances, chances are that your electrical system is failing. Sizzling and buzzing sounds in your wiring or electrical outlets show that your electrical system needs to be inspected.

Unless you are a seasoned electrician, you should not perform any fixes on your own. In addition to risking electrocution, you would risk damaging your electrical appliances or even start a fire. You should always work with a seasoned electrical expert.