Types of Treatments Used to Enhance the Durability of Wooden Doors

Posted on Sep 21 2018 - 1:00am by Ann Gillispie

photo of a wooden doorTimber doors have for a long time been the first option for property owners for their interior and exterior doors. They, after all, have a high aesthetic value, are inexpensive and easy to maintain, and can be easily customised to fit various décor options. The primary concern for most people about timber doors is their high risk of damage from external elements.

However, this concern should not stop you from choosing interior timber doors today. This is because there are currently various finishing treatments to mitigate their risk of damage. Here are some of these finishing treatments.

Oil-Based Treatments

These are preferred over water-based treatment since they offer better protection and have an even finish appearance. These are also stronger and longer-lasting than water-based ones since the gels used in the treatments readily penetrate the wood. However, oil-based treatments are more costly compared to water-based ones since they require more coats.


Applying wax to your internal doors produces a flawless finish with optimal protection. The wax is applied in multiple layers then carefully buffed. Intense buffing results in a glossy wax appearance so that you can polish the door to your desired sheen level. Waxing is not as laborious as other finish treatments, but the wax you use might be expensive.

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This is a perfect option for interior doors since it cannot be destroyed by UV light. It results in protection which is hard-wearing and incredibly resistant to moisture and temperature changes. The varnish is painted on your door and can be tinted, clear or coloured. Clear varnish gives your wood a slight yellow tinge.

Though not exposed to as many elements as exterior doors, your interior wooden doors still need protection to ensure their durability. With the above finishing treatments, this protection is guaranteed. The treatments should be retouched frequently to maintain their optimal protection.