Types of Rain Gutter Hangers

Posted on Jun 8 2018 - 5:03pm by Ann Gillispie

Roof Gutter SolutionRain gutters are an essential part of all buildings. They protect your construction’s foundation by directing rainwater through your downspouts and away from your home. They also protect your home’s exterior from the water stains and mold growth caused by rain.

There are various implements a rain gutter installer in Wisconsin will need for proper installation of your gutters. Among the crucial ones are gutter hangers to fasten them into place. Here are some types of rain gutter hangers you can select for your building.

Hidden Bracket Hanger

A hidden bracket hanger allows a reliable installation and clean finish. In the installation of hidden bracket hangers, your contractor will drill large and medium screws through the bracket’s holes and gutter, and then secure the hanger into your wooden fascia.

The metal brackets are hidden and fitted on the inside of your gutters. Hidden hanger brackets have 24-inch spaces between them.

Quick Screw Hidden Bracket Hangers

These hangers come with extra features for additional stability and strength. These include a self-tapping screw and plastic shaft driven at an angle to the wooden fascia. Though costly, quick screw hidden bracket hangers are incredibly durable.

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Half-Round Hangers

These are commonly found in older homes but are installed in some modern constructions as a design feature. Half-round hangers come in various designs, but the circle and combo shanks are the trendy ones.

The installation method for half-round hangers includes placement of a square bracket and securing it with six screws to your building’s fascia. The hangers are however visible and do not offer the same clean installation as other options.

Correct installation plays a significant role in the efficient operation of gutters. The types of gutter hangers will protect your wooden fascia from the risk of expansion and contraction familiar with a poor gutter installation. They will also enhance your gutter’s durability and alleviate their risk of sagging.