Top 3 Areas in Your Home That Can Benefit from Glass Balustrades

Posted on Jan 22 2016 - 5:27am by Home Gurus

Glass BalustradesBalustrades are now considered a must have for many homes. Not only have they evolved from being a simple architectural component; they now play many roles in terms of protection, safety and security.

Balustrades don’t have to be just simple safety and protective devices. They can also increase the overall aesthetic value of your home, as long as you choose the right material to use. If you want to go for glass types, here are the top three areas where they are best suited for:

1. Staircase

Frameless glass balustrading systems work exceptionally when installed around staircases. There are also fully-framed and semi-frameless variants, if that is what you prefer. As Jigsaw Balustrades explains, these can make your staircase appear almost floating, and can also give off the impression of a bigger space.

2. Pool

To increase the safety in your pool area, especially if you have children, consider installing balustrades around it. Glass balustrades can also considerably enhance the overall look of this particular spot in your home. As these systems provide a safety barrier, you can rest assure that your home is in compliance with all the relevant legislation. With glass balustrading in place, you do not have to constantly worry about your children when they are around or in the pool, as you can see through the glass.

3. Balconies

A glass balustrade can significantly increase the safety and security in, on, and around this area, as it can work as an exceptional barrier. With a glass balustrade, you are afforded majestic, uninterrupted views of your yard.

There are a few other areas in your home where a glass balustrade can be a perfect addition, but the three mentioned above are the best ones. Install one now to start enjoying a much safer environment.