Three Things That Will Determine the Perfect Mattress for You

Posted on Sep 26 2018 - 7:00pm by Home Gurus

Finding the right mattressIf you are among the lucky ones who get enough sleep, you would spend a third of your life in bed. With so much of your time spent there, you would want to make it as comfortable as possible.

A comfortable mattress doesn’t just land on your doorstep at your home in Salt Lake City. Rather, you have to find it based on you and your family needs.

Here are some essential considerations when on the hunt for that perfect mattress.

1. Type of Support

Support is what basically what carries your weight. There are four common types of materials used for support: inner spring, foam, latex, and air fill. Inner spring are metal coils covered with fabric. Thick coils give you a firmer mattress while thin coils are more compressible therefore giving you a softer feeling.

Foam mattresses have less spring. The denser it is, the more resistance to weight it has. Thickness varies from two to six inches so you have to try it before deciding what fits your sleeping preferences.

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Latex are similar to foam but have more spring back. They are resistant to mold and dust mites and last up to about twenty years or more. They are a bit pricey though. Air-filled vinyl or rubber chamber mattresses often offer two adjacent chambers that allow different firmness. This is so you can adjust the air for different customized settings.

2. Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is another thing to consider when choosing your mattress. Those who are more active will likely want to maximize comfort.

Air fill and foam fit this bill perfectly as they offer the greatest comfort possible. This makes it all the easier to relax your tired body. Latex and inner spring, on the other hand, are best for those who want longevity more than anything else, as they can last far longer given their builds.

Choose the mattress that best matches your lifestyle needs.

3. Budget

Just how much you’re willing to pay for your ideal mattress must be taken into consideration. Striking a balance between need and functionality often leads to the best decision.

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Remember that this buying choice is one that will affect your restfulness in the long run, so don’t sell yourself short. It is better to splurge for your happiness and well-being now than skimp then suffer in the future.