The Ideal Treatment and Control Plan for a Severe Termite Infestation

Posted on Sep 17 2018 - 8:47am by Home Gurus

pest exterminator spraying pesticideControlling termites in your home requires patience and calculation. If you panic at the sight of a long line of worker insects, then you won’t get anything done. When you rush into a decision, your termite problem might not be resolved completely.

The termite control companies in Edmond can give you valuable advice on how to formulate a definitive solution to termite infestation.

A colony of pests

A woodpile is a source of food for termites. These insects look at a tree stump in the same way. The wood and cellulose items in your house are food for the colony as well. Termite workers infest wood to gather food for the entire colony. Most homeowners do not realize that a single colony may have numerous nesting sites. This is a fact known to pest control experts. That said, the first step to resolving a termite problem is a thorough inspection resulting in the identification of the nesting sites.

A comprehensive inspection

A yearly inspection lowers the risk of any home for termite infestation. Inspectors have the knowledge and skills to determine access points inside and outside your home and surrounding structures. Amateurs miss other possible areas of access, such as fences and wooden structures up to about 50 meters from the house. Underground drainage and ventilation systems are possible points of entry as well. Determining places where termite workers can enter the house is critical.

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A termite management plan

Pest control experts can determine the best methods and approaches for termite control. Perhaps you can best assure protection from a colony of insects with a termite protection contract. After the inspection, exterminators can share their findings and provide a plan—a course of action to deal with the issues they have found.

The damage caused by termites takes time. An effective termite control plan implemented at the early stage of infestation can save you thousands of dollars on repairs and remediation.