The Common Causes of High Electricity Bill

Posted on Sep 19 2018 - 7:49am by Ann Gillispie

an HVAC technician workingYou’re probably one of the homeowners who feel surprised to see that their monthly electricity bill is higher than expected. It leaves you wondering why it happened and what you can do so that it doesn’t happen again.

Aerolite Group, a consulting firm which does home energy audits in Utah, reveals that Americans lose billions of dollars in heating and cooling costs every year because their home isn’t energy efficient. Investing in energy efficiency audit helps you understand what factors affect the energy performance of your home.

The Possible Causes of High Electricity Bill

The use of new appliances is one of the common reasons your electricity bill is skyrocketing. For example, if you have a new computer and you use it regularly, your bill increases.

New additions to your household, like a relative or a friend, can contribute to the changes in your bill, too. It often results in more people than usual using some appliances.

Even old appliances can also cause higher electricity bill as they lose efficiency over time. These appliances were not manufactured the way home systems are made today.

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You should refrain from leaving your appliances plugged in because they still draw electricity from the grid even if you’re not using them. These appliances could be garage door openers, microwave, or smart home devices, like Google Home or Amazon Echo.

Reduce Electricity Costs

Installing a solar electric system or small wind turbine could be your first step to reducing electricity loads in your home. The Department of Energy (DE) says that these systems allow you to save money.

It’s also helpful to buy energy-efficient appliances, like HVAC systems with high Seasonal Energy Efficient Rating (SEER) rating. You can also renovate your home to let in natural light that reduces the need for electricity to illuminate rooms. You can add a skylight in the kitchen or widen the windows in your living room.

You don’t have to endure increasing electricity bills. Identify what habits and which appliances drain energy from your home (and money from your pocket). Change those habits and appliances, and you’ll soon get bills that can work for your budget.

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