The 3 Household Areas Prone to Water Damage

Posted on May 2 2018 - 8:07pm by Ann Gillispie

Plumber fixing pipeWhen it comes to the presence of water in the household, you might normally not have to worry about it. After all, you use water in your daily chores. Still, this isn’t a reason to be complacent because water damage could happen. This is why it’s important to implement water damage restoration, be it in British Columbia or Alberta. High Tech Professional Cleaning & Restoration Services, along with other industry experts, lists some areas that water damage restoration teams often deal with:

1. Bathroom Area

The shower and the bathroom faucet are channels that transport water for usage. The toilet also works the same by having volumes of water flush down urine or fecal content. Water damage, however, could happen the moment the toilet overflows or if the shower and the faucet leaks. As bathrooms lack ventilation compared to the rest of the house, it’s more prone to mold.

2. Kitchen Area

The kitchen faucet and the pipes underneath the kitchen sink are also prone to leakage. The pipes and mechanisms behind the refrigerator, which collect water, could also lead to water damage once it overflows. Among the areas of the house, the kitchen might affect you the most if it gets water-damaged. After all, many chores are done in this area — it’s where you store food, cook food, wash dishes, and dispose of waste.

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3. Laundry Area

The laundry area encounters loads of filthy water a day, as it’s where you wash your soiled garments or fabric materials and put them together in the dryer. The washer normally has a tube where dirty water goes through a washing and drying cycle. If this tube leaks or clogs, dirty water might flood the area.

Every house has areas that need to undergo checks to repair water damage. However, a better plan would be to prevent water damage from happening in the first place. You can do this with the help of water damage experts who can do routine maintenance checks for you.