Scavenger Hunting for Scrap Metals Around the House

Posted on Aug 18 2015 - 5:18am by Home Gurus

ScrapCleaning the house should involve more than just sweeping and wiping. Think of all the junk, old appliances and scrap items made of metal gathering dust in your basement. Not sure what to do with those? Well, you can dump them elsewhere or make money out of those scrap metals.

Several organisations are contributing to the worldwide plight of helping the fragile environment. says scrap and metal recycling is important for the protection of Australia’s environment.

Start hunting around your place now for extra income and for the betterment of Mother Nature. Here are places where you can gather those scrap metals:

Garage and Storeroom

The garage is always a good place to start since it’s usually where unused equipment and objects end up. Old bicycles, toys and instruments your children may have outgrown are good sources of copper and other metals.

Discarded auto parts and other accessories such as radiators, batteries, rims, nuts and other pieces may get you a nice price as well. Consider freeing more space for your garage by letting go of your old and battered car. Put it to rest while you make money out of its scrap parts.

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You may have a wrought iron set in your garden that has become corroded with the constant exposure to rain and other elements. You can now replace this with a new one and have the old one included in your scrap metal heap.

The same may also be true with the swing set, seesaw, and other play items in the garden. If your lawn mower has seen better days, then you may want to put it up for recycling.

Other Parts of the House

You can find so many items in the kitchen that are no longer useful. There are those old pots, pans, utensils, and those empty aluminium cans. The old refrigerator, range, blender, and other small appliances may also be included.

Damaged washers and dryers in your bathroom and laundry, as well as certain fixtures in the bathroom are usually made from high-grade metals. These, combined with those corroded pipes and accessories will get you a good price, and a good reason to have these old fixtures replaced.

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You might be surprised that when all is done, you will have gathered a considerable quantity of scrap metals of assorted kinds. It’s a great deal: you get more space around the house, you get a cleaner and more organised place while you get an extra income.