Reducing Air Pollution Inside The Home

Posted on Mar 7 2015 - 2:28am by Home Gurus

Family RoomEvery family wants a clean and healthy home. More than the food served at the dining table, it is important to maintain a safe environment. This is not about childproofing your home. Though important, every parent and guardian must make sure that even the nooks and crannies of the home is free from elements that may harm the family.

Unfortunately, most homeowners ignore parts of their home that may pollute the air and pose more hazards on the occupants. This negligence, in combination with the ominous threat of airborne sickness and disease, may worsen health conditions like asthma, allergies, and emphysema. Homeowners can prevent this from happening with the following:

1. HVAC unit and vent maintenance. Uncleansed units and other passageways can block the proper circulation of air within the home. Certain elements, chemicals and harmful gas trapped inside the home may lead to hay fever, nausea, or even gas poisoning. Apart from health risks, dust-covered units and vents may overheat and cause fire. To avoid these things from happening, conduct a regular check-up on the units and get professional services for HVAC, air ducts, and dryer vent cleaning Orem households require. Most parts of Utah have specialists on these areas for proper procedure and upkeep.

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2. Carpets and upholstery sanitation. These parts holds the most bacteria and allergens, so these need regular washing.Especially with families living with pets, pathogens and dirt can build up within the fibers and corners of the carpet and upholstery. These can trigger allergies, asthma, and other skin diseases of your family. More than that, carpets also reduce the contamination of air by serving as a trap for particles and contaminants pulled down by gravity. A soiled carpet cannot function as a good air filter like the one a clean carpet does, so it is important to contact cleaners periodically.

3. Curtain and beddings replacement. Change beddings and curtains at least once a week. Unkempt drapes and sheets accumulate a large amount of dust mites and can even contribute to the dirty air. In addition to that, bed bugs may flourish in these surfaces may spread to other parts of the house.

Having a clean atmosphere is important in every home. More than a visually appealing home, an unpolluted environment will greatly benefit your family’s health. Do not compromise their safety and start with your house maintenance now.

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