Rain Gutters: Are They a Worthy Investment for Your Home?

Posted on Apr 20 2018 - 7:42pm by Ann Gillispie

Home gutterA gutter system is an essential feature for any home. It ensures that the water flow is consolidated. Since the water is directed from the roof into the ground in a controlled way, it prevents splashing and keeps the home and people dry.

In addition to that, here are reasons installing proper rain gutters in Utah is a worthwhile investment.

Prevent Flooding in the Basement

When there are no gutters in your house, it is easy for water to build up around the foundation. The pooled water might then render your basement waterproofing efforts null as floor would be able to seep through the walls and entrance points, resulting in water damage.

With the gutters, a downward sprout not only slows down the splashing but also directs the water away from the basement.

Guard Against Decay

The exteriors of a home are lined with different components, such as plywood and tar paper, some of which are not waterproof. When these parts absorb water or get water seeping under them, they could start rotting.

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With time, they will deteriorate and break down. The gutters prevent this so your home can remain intact even after heavy downpour.

Curb Mold

Mold thrives in areas where there is high humidity. If water leaks through the walls, they offer a perfect environment for it. Mold can be toxic and takes a lot of time to eliminate. Having gutters lowers the chances of mold growing in your home.

Prevent Insects

Standing water increases the chances of insect infestation. Mosquitoes multiply easily in areas with water pools. When you control water flow, there is a reduced risk of standing water, which in turn protects you from insect infestation.

Investing in quality gutters is substantial. Ensure that you consider the functionality and longevity when installing. If your gutters are worn out, replace them to keep your home dry. Talk to professional installers so you can have an appropriate gutter system in place.