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  • THE WEIGHT IS DISTRIBUTED EVENLY – Each blanket compartment has tiny glass beads and plush poly-filling sewn into place to prevent movement and noise while you’re resting. They provide soft, evenly-distributed weight that gently conforms to your body.
  • MAKES YOU SLEEP A LOT BETTER – Designed for sleep therapy to improve your overall sleep quality. Scientific studies reveal that weighted blankets provide soothing comfort for those dealing with sensory disorders. They help relax the body, making you fall asleep faster and sleep better throughout the night.
  • THE NEXT BEST THING TO A COMFORTING HUG – The gentle weight of our blanket stimulates pivotal pressure points to mimic a warm and cozy hug and foster feelings of safety. You’ll feel comforted and relaxed almost instantly.
  • BRING IT ANYWHERE – Use your weighted blanket wherever you wish to relax — in bed, on the couch while watching a movie, while outdoors camping, or on a comfy chair while reading your favorite book.
  • AN EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA – Highly recommended as a present to your spouse, parents, children, and friends. It will be hard getting out of bed once they experience the soothing comfort of our weighted blanket.
Size:40×59 inch 7 lbs

This Weighted Blanket offers great sleep therapy for adults & kids and offering the gentle sensation of being held to encourage a deep, healthy, & restful sleep. The weight of the blanket distributes evenly over the body giving a sensation of being held or hugged.

Similar to an incredible massage, the Weighted Blanket promotes a sense of tranquility and well being. You’ll fall asleep faster and wake up more rested, ready to take on a new day.

Product Highlights:
Soothes & relaxes
Helps promote relaxation for a more restful nights sleep
Creates a sensation of being held or hugged
Evenly distributed weight
Designed with sewn in glass beads
Adapts to your body shape

3 reviews for Weighted-Blanket

  1. Michael B

    We bought this for our niece because she has sleeping issues. She has slept 8 hours or more since she started using it. It was really a great purchase. She said it feels like its giving her a great big hug.

  2. Char

    purchased as a Christmas gift for daughter with anxiety. She uses it constantly. She is a petite girl and heavier blankets she previously had were too restricting…this one is perfect.

  3. Tonya carlson

    I have never had a weighted blanket before i have to say iits not for me but the size and quality of this blanket is great. I would recommend it for anybody

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