Vacuum-Sealer Storage-Bags

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  • FoodOSeal vacuum sealer bags keep food fresh, keep life healthy. We only do eco-friendly bags. Our bags are BPA fre e, they are safe to store food in. Our freezer bags are perfect for long term storage. Special and effective air removal channels are designed for fast and easy vacuuming.
  • This food storage bag can pack different kinds of food it can also save your refrigerator space. Food saver bags are widely used for vacuum packaging food, tea, dried fruit, medicines, meat and anything you want to keep it as fresh as the day you pack it.
  • The vacuum bags of FoodOSeal reduce food spoilage. You will have more flexibility and conserve space in your fridge with our seal a meal bags. Cook food in bulk and store items for longer periods of time without losing any moisture or flavor.
  • Vacuum Seal Bag that is microwaveable and the Maximum temperature can be reached up to 221°F and the lowest temperature is -58°F.
  • Using FoodOSeal bags means the pouches are completely airtight, which delivers consistent cooking results and prevents floating during the sous vide water bath
Size:5×8(50 Count)

Vacuum seal bags are proven to keep food fresher longer. When air is evacuated from the bag and sealed with an airtight seal using a FoodOSeal Vacuum Sealer, food is protected from the deteriorating effects of oxygen.

– 100% brand new and high quality
– Transparent, non-toxic, tasteless food-grade material
– Fresh keeping time, keep the smell, safety
– Blocks moisture, oxygen, spoilage, and odor.
– Widely used for vacuum packaging food, tea, dried fruit, medicines, meat and anything you want to keep it as fresh as the day you pack it.
– Applicable to a variety of models of vacuum sealer, sealing strong.

Color: Clear
Size: 5×8 Inch
Count: 50 Count

3 reviews for Vacuum-Sealer Storage-Bags

  1. Miguel Anthony

    I like really like this storage bags, it’s really helpful to keep the freshness of my foods not to mentioned its great price and quality.

  2. Jet Delamare

    I always stored my food in the seal bags whenever i have perishable foods in my ref, this seal bags are really helpful to me, it’s very functional and the quality of plastic to cover the food is fantastic.

  3. Sanya

    They came on time,and when I’ve took them out I was shocked how huge they are. I could almost fit a chair in it.Haven’t had any use for them so far,but they are staying, just in case I need to send someone a pillow or a comforter.Really, I don’t know what I was thinking ordering them. Keep them away from kids and animals.They might get themselves stuck inside.

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