Magic-Eraser Sponges

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  • LASTS A LONG TIME – Our thick and large kitchen sponge cleaner doesn’t crumble and fall apart easily.
  • GENTLE YET EFFECTIVE – With ultrafine fibers and particles so you can gently yet thoroughly remove stains or dirt on tableware and non-stick pans.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – Made of non-toxic materials and can effectively clean with water without the need for detergent.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – Applicable to tea sets, dishes, plastics, glass, sofa, sneakers. Can be cut into any size or shape to suit any purpose.
  • SAFE ALTERNATIVE – Put away that smelly bleach and corrosive chemicals. Our kitchen sponge offers a more effective, odor-free, non-toxic, and heavy-duty cleaning alternative. Simply wet, squeeze, and wipe.

How to use:
-Soak the sponge in the water, squeeze out water slightly;
-Scrub on stain area gently;
-Warm water may helpful;
-Rinse the dirty sponge with cold water after use and let it dry.

Where to Use It:
Stainless steel appliances.
Bathtubs and basins.
Ceramic tiles. Plastic.
Painted walls and doors.
Shower screens. Aluminum.
Carpet. Benchtops. Spa bath

*Do not scrub too hard.
*Do not sterilize sponge in hot water or detergent.
*Do not use for glossy, polished surface, such as car, PC screen, etc.
*Recommend to wear gloves when you use it.

Decontamination Principle:
The Nano Cleaner Sponge uses the mechanism of physical decontamination, relying on nanostructures within the capillary pore structure. It automatically adsorbs the surface of the stains, do not need to rely on any chemical detergent to help degradation. Nano cleaner sponge is not soluble in water, the adsorption on the surface of the stains will naturally fall off in the water. It can be reused. Due to the special cleaning mechanism of the Nano cleaner sponge, it makes it impossible for many traditional cleaning products to erase the dirt, especially in the uneven surface of the stains. It has special effects.

3 reviews for Magic-Eraser Sponges

  1. Daniel


  2. T. Ng

    The product is as shown and described. I got it because the little sponge holders that I mostly see around are too small. I have a few different sponges/scrubbers, along with a couple longer items like bottle brushes. I figured I could put the longer items in the back and sponges in the front. Having received it, I believe that should work out fine. I don’t need to store a soap bottle, as we have a dispenser in the sink/counter. I also wanted to stay away from the stainless steel caddies/organizers, because I think they do tend to rust more. This seemed to be the only option that ticked the boxes I was looking for.

    It isn’t the most attractive kitchen item out there, but it’s not the ugliest either. It’s a basic but also fairly simple design. I think it depends on your kitchen decor as well. It would probably blend better into a kitchen that had more light colored surfaces or is more contemporary, whereas if there’s a lot of darker colors (i.e. dark granite counter and darker wood cabinets), it might stick out more. It is a bit on the large size, but as you can see in the picture, it can hold a bottle of soap, so you should be able to get an idea of the size from that. I believe that’s an “average” size bottle of soap (not one of the shorter, concentrated bottles, but not a huge bottle either).

    To the people trying to figure out how to clean the inside, It’s not the outside of the bottom that comes off, but the inside. You can remove the center silver divider by pressing into two holes on either side of the outside of the container. Then the bottom white liner that has all the holes can be lifted out, or you can tip the caddy over and it will fall out.

  3. Amy G.

    I have been looking for a sink caddy that is tidy, not too large, but tall enough that my vegetable brush and scrub brush don’t cause it to tip over. When I this one arrived I knew I had found it! I don’t keep my dish soap in it as the picture shows; instead I keep the two brushes and a plastic pot scraper in the large back compartment, my dish scrubby (Dobie) in the center compartment, and a couple sponges in the front. The divider easily snaps out and then the grid at the bottom can be removed to clean the inside. I am very happy with my purchase.

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