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  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST – Our individual Five-Finger design offers control and flexibility even if you have small or large hands.
  • EASY TO PUT ON AND OFF Slip them on and pull out easily. The textured surface provides excellent grip for handling kitchen utensils, big or small.
  • FEEL NO HEAT Made of silicone material, our BBQ gloves keep your hands safe while picking meat out of the smoker or grill, and pulling hot cast iron pans right out of a 400-degree oven. Use our BBQ Claw shredder to shred, pull, or carve any kind of meat. No need to bring it back to the kitchen for prep. Simply tear and serve! You’ll feel like a beast tearing up your catch as you grill and serve the main course. Everyone will want to help with the food prep at your BBQ!
  • VERY EASY TO CLEAN Its safe to simply throw them in the dishwasher
  • HIGHLY RECOMMEMNDED TO BUY AS A GIFT An excellent present for your husband on Christmas or Fathers Day. And if you have been looking for a complete BBQ accessories set, GlovesApparel offers a top-notch set that includes a digital meat thermometer, a pair of grill gloves, and a pair of meat/pulled pork claws!

Slip your hands inside your GlovesApparel Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves and you’ll instantly notice how safe and secure your hands feel from the heat and flame of your dangerous cooking surface!

You should know what separates us from the competition, its simple really:
– 100% Waterproof, Covers Your Wrist, Keeps Hands Safe and Dry
– Lightweight, Flexible, No Slip Grip Design To Allow Safe Movement Of Hot Items, Easily Grab Carved Hot Juicy Meats
– No Staining or Smell Even After Long-Term Use
– Dishwasher Safe, Easy to Clean
– Heat Resistant For Temperatures Up To 425 Degrees Fahrenheit
– No Slip Design To Allow Safe Movement Of Hot Items
– 1 Size Fits All

3 reviews for BBQ-Grill-Gloves

  1. Bradley

    I fully expected the gloves to fail and melt but they didn’t! Personally, it’s weird grabbing the stuff on the grill so I’d just opt for tongs. And the meat claws are tough plastic, haven’t really tried them but the package deal seemed like it was worth it.
    On the other hand, the thermometer is subpar. It’s slow to reach temperature but it appears accurate.

  2. cheeseheadjf

    My gloves came with a hole in them. It probably won’t affect my use for them but it’s still annoying. The claws are awesome. I haven’t tried the thermometer yet. It’s a good value to buy all three items but still annoying to receive a new product with a hole. I wear standard large gloves and they fit fine. I can pick a brisket off the smoker and place it on a pan but that’s about it. My finger get too hot after that.

  3. prwrestler

    Good gloves to handle food on the grill. I prefer these to handle food, because they are easier to clean than the cloth ones. Not as heat resistant as I would’ve liked, but they do ok. When I took the turkey off the grill, after a few seconds, I could feel the heat…. and it was getting hotter and hotter….

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