Dust-Bag HyClean

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  • EASY TO INSTALL – Simply open the vacuum chamber and insert a genuine Miele 3D FilterBag into the proper slot. Close the lid, and enjoy a higher level of vacuuming experience.
  • WORKS GREAT AT A GOOD PRICE – A Miele type GN replacement dust bag has a self-closing mechanism with hygienic dust seal, 9-stage microfiber filtration, strong protective netting, and 2x micro-filters. Its unbelievably efficient at a very affordable price.
  • SUPERIOR VACUUMING TECHNOLOGY – A Miele HyClean vacuum cleaner bag incorporates superior design and innovative SoftStructure technology. It maximizes dust collection capacity and ensures the highest levels of efficiency, even while on lower suction-control settings.
  • PREVENTS ALLERGIC REACTIONS – Miele HyClean 3D efficiency vacuum bags offer an array of high-quality, multi-layered filter cartridges that keep your homes clean and prevent allergic reactions from dust, mite, and other allergens on the floor, carpet, or air.
  • MONEY SAVER – The new generation Miele GN HyClean vacuum dust bags offer the highest level of dust collection while vacuuming at low power levels. This helps you save energy without compromising superior cleaning performance.

Home Gurus Compatible with Type GN Miele Dust Bags.

-Filters more than 99.9% of all dust particles.
-Clean bag replacement thanks to automatic bag closure.
-Longer service life with 3D dustbag technology.

Vacuum Cleaner Bags HyClean 3D Efficiency GN dustbags ensure that dust picked up stays inside the vacuum cleaner.

Package Includes:
-4 Bags

-1 Motor Filter

-1 Air Clean filter


Compatible Models:

-Complete C3 (S8000  S8999)

-Complete C2 (S5000  S5999)

-Compact C1 (S4000  S4999)

-S600 – S658

-S400 – S456i

2 reviews for Dust-Bag HyClean

  1. Rachel Oertel

    This dust bag is really great, i was so impressed w/ the vacuum and that has been enjoy as well. When the bag is full and you go to replace it with new bag, just pull up on the tab and it’ll automatically closes as it removed. If you invest in the miele vacuum which is major investment you really need to use these bags to enable your vacuum to o what the german engineers intended to do it.

  2. Tommy Rowat

    This bags were so great for the vacuum. This is heavy duty and easy to install, this delivers a consistent and high quality product. This bags fill up quickly. I recommend this you better keep this one.

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