Aromatherapy-Candles with Scented Bath Rose-Soap

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  • A GREAT GIFT IDEA – Makes an impressive present for your friends and loved ones – and most especially for yourself if you’re single.
  • ALL-NATURAL – Made from a blend of pure essential oils and natural ingredients. No additional chemicals or dyes are added, so they provide a wonderfully fragrant, non-toxic, and refreshing scent.
  • UPLIFTING – Aromatherapy candles have been known for their uplifting aroma that enhances energy and works as an anti-depressant. Our cooling and refreshing essential oil stimulates the mind and increases mental agility, focus, and concentration.
  • FILLS THE HOUSE BUT NOT OVERWHELMING – You’ll love our scent that will fill your home without overwhelming your sense of smell.
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR PRIVATE SANCTUARY – Use it for the love of home. This candle is not only beautiful, it’s also safe to burn at any season but especially perfect for winter.


Color:1 Set – Blue Rose

Aromatherapy Candles with Soap Rose Flower

Handcrafted Soap Flowers-100% Natural, Non-Toxic & Non-Irritating
We promised 100% natural, organic without harsh chemicals, additives or artificial colors. After use, your skin or bathtub is easy to clean
and won’t be stained.

Best Gift for All Occasions
Presented in a delicate and exquisite package box, ideal for birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s Day or any other occasion to make your
loved ones feel special.

Aromatherapy Candle Scented Bath Soap Rose Petal in Square Box Rose flower petal with soap on it, perfect for a quick hand wash or
luxurious bath.

Package includes:
-1 aromatherapy candle
-Blue Rose Soap Flower

3 reviews for Aromatherapy-Candles with Scented Bath Rose-Soap

  1. Frederich Vavasour

    I really love the smell of this candle, It was mood uplifting and the surroundings especially in our living room, where i have placed this candle got a relaxing scent. The smell is really sweet, my concentration is build up when i’m studying at living room. Thank you for this!

  2. Nicole Garcia

    The smell of these candles makes me feel relaxed and calm. I highly recommending this candles!

  3. KST

    I gave it as a thank you gift and the person was very happy, the box will be used to store keepsakes, it had a very nice presentation and the smell was nice and relaxing. I will get one for myself as it was raved about. She has it in her bathroom and uses it to relax with. Thank you!!!!

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