Pets and Carpets: Choosing the Right One and Dealing with Stains

Posted on Sep 27 2016 - 9:27am by Home Gurus

Carpet CleaningIf you have a fuzzy ball of joy living in your home, then you might want to consider them when picking out a carpet. Usually, the important factors to consider are its stain resistance and durability.

With carpets, you have to be ready for the stains and the mess it is susceptible to – paw prints, poop and urine are just some of them, which is why you need a reliable carpet cleaning service in your vicinity, may it be in Crawley or somewhere else, and make sure you have them on speed dial.

The Best Types of Carpets for Pets

Tiles and hardwood floors may be too slippery for your furry friends that they might injure themselves while playing. One way of keeping them safe and warm is with carpets.

So, which type of carpets makes your home more pet-friendly? Usually, wool is the most suitable material for pet-friendly carpets. Other materials are nylon, polyester and olefin.

Why wool? Well, it is by far the softest and the most luxurious material for carpets. Plus, it is the most stain-resistant – Juice, ketchup and oils do not faze this material.

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Another great option is nylon, as it is both durable and abrasion-resistant. Durability is necessary, especially that pets tend to run around and scratch a lot. Like wool, it is also stain-resistant, but not to the same degree. If you are looking for something cheaper than wool but offers the almost the same benefits, then nylon may be the best choice for you.

Animal Urine and Your Health

One of the most noticeable indicators of animal urine is the strong smell of ammonia – and it is especially worse in cat urine. If not cleaned thoroughly, it evaporates and leaves behind a higher concentration of ammonia, which may cause allergies and would be bad for those with asthma or emphysema.

Old stains usually house bacteria that may cause watery eyes, allergies and sinusitis. Infants and the elderly, anyone with a compromised immune system, however, are at risk of other respiratory health issues.

The growth of mould is also possible if the stains are not thoroughly cleaned, as components of the urine attract moisture that may promote the growth of moulds, which can cause respiratory issues.

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Before the idea of owning a carpet dissipates from your mind, think of the aesthetics and benefits it provides your home.

The stains and possible damages should not hinder you from owning one, as there are cleaning professionals prepared to help your carpet look and feel like new.