Pest Infestation and 4 Signs to Watch Out For

Posted on Aug 9 2018 - 8:50am by Home Gurus

pest exterminator doing his work in the kitchenHaving unwelcomed guests at home can be a nuisance. The good thing is they can go and leave you alone after a meal and a few chitchats. But, with other kinds of guests like pests, their presence might not even be known until it is too late.

There are different kinds of pests and, sadly, no home is fully protected from their presence. There are ways to prevent it. For homes that already have these unwanted guests, knowing which signs to look for to prevent more damage will be helpful. Here are signs you need to hire residential pest control services in Lowell or any other part of MA:


Pests are usually small, but that does not mean they’re quiet. Be observant and listen for unusual noises no matter how small they might be, especially during the night. Placing your ear against the wall to check for termites or looking for the source of nibbling to finally confirm that there are rodents in your home is a good way to start.

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As pests are often found in dirty, dark, and moist spaces, having a rancid or disturbing smell in parts of your home — where they often do their businesses — is common. Keep your nose up for such smell. Knowing where the smell is coming from can often lead you to their nests.


Nibbled wires, peeling paints, and cracking walls or floors are just some of the most common signs that you have pests in your home.


Whether you have a rodent, ants, or termites, there will be visible remnants indicating their presence in your homes. Discarded wings and droppings are the most common signs that you have them in your home.

Pests are a nuisance not only because they come uninvited, but because of the damages they make and the possible health risks they pose. Thus, it pays to be observant and take immediate action once their presence is suspected.