Performing Regular Upkeep On Your Water Heater Help Avoid Future Woes

Posted on Mar 14 2017 - 2:23pm by Home Gurus

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Water heaters are among the most important appliance in many American households. Though they are seldom used during hot summer days, their valuable service begins from autumn to spring when the outdoor temperature starts to dip.

You were happily taking a hot shower on a chilly morning when without warning, the water turned cold. Upon checking the water heater and ensuring it is plugged, it dawned upon you that your heater is broken. A home with a broken water heater is a real problem with most American households during the cold season. To ensure your water heater will not fail at the most inopportune time, you need to perform regular checks.

Check Your Valves

Your water heater comes with safety valves that monitor all operational aspects of your appliance. Among the important ones is the temperature-pressure relief or TPR valves. According to, these valves are designed to monitor temperature or pressure in the water tank. In case the temperature or pressure build-up exceeds the safe level, the TPR valve will automatically release water to relieve pressure.

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Regular Draining

A water heater has to be drained regularly to flush out sediment and other minerals that can cause it to work improperly. The frequency of the draining process often depends on circumstances and how clean the water source is.

If your water source is very clear and free from occasional debris, then it might be okay to drain it once a year. If your water source, however, is a bit cloudy with small pieces of debris sometimes flowing along, then you should drain it more frequently.

Scan for Leaks or Drips

Leaks can cause your water heater to function incorrectly and may cause the water temperature to dip slightly. According to Lowe’s, many of the leaks have been found to be caused by improper connection of water supply pipes and fittings. There are also cases when you might notice drips coming from the TPR valve discharge pipe, which indicates that you might need a thermal expansion tank.

Although you might want to repair this yourself, it might be wiser to call in the experts on water heating repair like All Hours Plumbing and HVAC in Salt Lake City. They have extensive experience and possess the essential skills to perform the necessary repairs to ensure smooth operation of your water heater.

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Your water heater breaking down in the middle of winter is something that you would not want to happen. You do not want to find yourself taking your morning shower with the water suddenly turning into something like coming from the Arctic, would you?

Although most water heaters can last for years without breaking down, this does not mean you will not anymore perform maintenance checks. Just like any other appliance, it must be properly cared for and repaired if necessary.