Outdoor Oasis: How to Pull off the Formal Garden Style

Posted on Sep 6 2018 - 9:52am by Ann Gillispie

Large lawn with landscaped gardenGardens come in different styles, but probably of the top choices of homeowners today is formal gardens. The look of such landscapes is just classic and timeless. Not to mention, their crisp, clean aesthetics.

The good thing about formal gardens is you don’t have to have that big space manor houses in England typically have. The key is just to copy the defining characteristics of formal gardens to pull the style off. Here are some tips for creating formal gardens in your outdoor space:

1. Choose classic accents

Even the smallest details, like accents, in your garden can help in improving that formal garden look — as long as they have that timeless style.

Some homeowners choose to put vintage urn planters or stone garden fountains as the focal point in the space. Authentic Provence notes that these design elements create an element of instant visual interest, improving over-all aesthetics.

2. Highlight geometric shapes

One of the most known features of formal gardens is geometric shapes. You will always see squares and triangles in the form of hedges or carefully plotted plants.

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Some homeowners cleverly combine these two together by having a boxwood shrub, outlining the shape they want to create in the garden, then filling up the empty spaces inside that shape with foliage plants grouped together.

3. Feature clean lines

Straight walkways throughout the outdoor landscape is another characteristic of formal gardens. See if you can install paving materials, like concrete or brick, to guide walking paths. When seen as a whole, the landscape will look more orderly and neat — the hallmarks of formal gardens.

4. Strike a balance

If you look at formal gardens in traditional English homes, they achieve a formal look precisely because of the balance and cohesion in design elements. The easiest way to create that is to have plants mirrored on each side of your garden.

You could also replicate plant shapes and colors all throughout; for instance, having brick paths that copy the shape of the outline of boxwood hedges.

Formal gardens might just be what you need to spruce up your outdoor space. Take these tips to your yard and pull off that timeless, classic formal garden look.

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