Need Space? Here’s How You Can Maximize Every Square Footage of Your House

Posted on Oct 29 2018 - 9:05am by Ann Gillispie

Tips to make your house look biggerIn a perfect world, everyone will have the space they need in their homes or even live in McMansions complete with conservatories and swimming pools. But, this is the reality, and, well, some people need to make do with the limited square footage their houses have.

Having a tiny home, however, does not mean you cannot live big. Minnesota Rusco, a home improvement product provider, wrote in a blog, “There are plenty of options when it comes to expanding, whether adding up, over or out. Either way, families can create space where it is lacking…”

With some money, spatial skills, and a little creativity, there’s no stopping you from getting the space that you need.

Go Big With Furniture

It may seem counterintuitive, but using big pieces of furniture in small rooms can give you more space. If you go big with furniture, it means you don’t have to mound small pieces that make a small area look crowded. Additionally, full-size furniture can also help hide other elements that can make a room look cluttered, such as cables.

When shopping for furniture, look for ones that serve multiple purposes. Examples of these are sofa beds and transforming tables. Not only can you save space because of these, but it’s also like purchasing two pieces of furniture for the price of one.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

With glass and mirrors, it’s all about tricking your eyes. Angle your mirror toward a single focal point. This way, the mirror gives off an illusion of depth as it reflects both natural and artificial light.  Similarly, floor length mirrors can make a room appear taller as they lead the eyes around the room.

You can also replace solid, wooden doors with glass doors. These let more light enter and give a room a more open feel.

Search for Secret Storage

Apparently, the cupboard under the stairs is not just for Harry Potter. It can also be used as a secret storage space. You can either build drawers into the side of your staircase or a trap door into the steps.

You can also get rid of your nightstand altogether by placing your usual bedtime clutter on a hollowed-out headboard or footboard. Or, add a toe kick at the bottom of your closet or kitchen cabinets.

In other small spaces, like the bathroom, design the interior as simple as possible. You should avoid big shelves that will make the room less airy. Instead, you can build a hidden storage compartment into a wall.

Color-code Your Home

Apart from affecting mood, colors can even make a room appear bigger.

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Walls painted with light colors can reflect the natural light and make a room brighter. As a result, the room feels more open and airy. You should paint your wall trims with lighter colors than your walls, so the walls appear farther back. Painting the inside of your bookshelves or windowsills with a dark color can also add depth to a room.

Editing Isn’t Just for Photos

Life brings constant changes. When you buy new things, you will need space to store them. The dilemma is, will you have to get rid of older stuff? At times, yes, you do. Besides, clutter makes a room look small.

You should clean regularly and declutter your house. If you haven’t used an article of clothing or old appliances in over a year, perhaps it’s time to donate them, sell them, or dispose of them. When your house is rid of unnecessary elements, you make a room more spacious.

In a tiny place, every inch matters. Redoing your floor plan and hiding away some stuff in secret storage areas can give you more spaces to lounge, work, and entertain guests in. Living in a small house doesn’t mean you have to settle for small things – all you have to do is shuffle things around a little.