Moving to Your New Home – How to Pack Right

Posted on Mar 31 2015 - 12:00am by Home Gurus

New HomeMoving to your new home is challenging regardless of how experienced you are. While choosing reliable Perth movers might alleviate the strain, you still have to bother with the packing and unpacking. Pack wisely and safely to avoid collecting pieces of your broken valuable at the end of the move.

Here are some tips to help you pack safer.

Use moving grade boxes

Moving grade boxes are sturdier and available in similar sizes. The versatility offers protection to your valuables while the similar size makes them easy to stack in the moving van or lorry. Since they have stronger seams, you can stack them up without putting direct pressure onto their content.

Double box if necessary, especially when packing up TVs and other appliances.

Pad hard components

Your furniture is definitely too huge to fit in boxes. Moreover, it is sturdy enough to protect itself during the move. Their sturdiness makes them a threat to smaller or more fragile items, however.

Padding the hard edges of your furniture with cloth or foam will reduce the harm they cause should they move around while in transit.

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Disassemble furniture

A great deal of modern furniture assembles and disassembles easily. Buying dressers, TV cabinets and tables with such a capability is a perfect preparation for your moving day. If you have such furniture, strip it down and pack its components separately.

This results in pieces and components that are easier to store. However, make sure to keep the parts together so you will not lose anything.

If you don’t use it often, you don’t need it

doesn’t mean you have to move with everything. Getting rid of all the things you rarely or never use will not only save on the moving cost, but also make your new home less cluttered.

Get help when needed

Hiring professional Perth movers has its own perks. Other than having a professional drive you to your new home, you won’t have to worry about accidents and damages if you subscribe to an insurance plan.

Start right by doing away with clutter and making sure nothing is damaged in the move. Get the family to help with the unpacking so you can start feeling at home in your property in no time.

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