Living in the Country: Why You can be Happier

Posted on Oct 7 2016 - 5:38am by Home Gurus

Country HomesHome is where the heart is, they say, and it’s true. Wherever you feel the most comfortable, where you feel loved and understood, where you feel like you truly belong, where you’re happy — that’s home.

Here’s another saying: life is short. So why deprive yourself of a great human experience if you can do something about your situation?

Case in point: living in the city

Life in the city has its perks. Many young people who were born and raised in the country are no strangers to the pull of the bright lights and the exciting, fast-paced life of the city. Cities usually offer the best jobs and business opportunities. They are also great if what you want is diversity, whether with the food that you eat or the people that you meet.

For many young professionals, city living is it. This is where you can start a business or a practice, use your credentials, meet the powers-that-be, find like-minded people to share your passions with.

And then there is that point where you just get tired of it all. Obviously, it doesn’t happen to everyone, especially not to the fully city-bred who have known no other way of life. But there are those also who just want to get away from it all.

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Living in the country

For those who are ready to give up the big city life, the fast-paced lifestyle, the blinding lights and all the pollution, the noise, etc., the country is one of the best answers.

Living in the country is the total opposite of living in the city, but it too has its perks. Fresh air, neighbours who actually smile at you and even share stories with you, freedom for pets and farm animals, etc. Incomes are not as high, but the standard of living is also drastically lower compared to the city. Besides, even as you’re already looking for country homes for sale, you know you can still find good work online, perhaps even start an online business.

There’s just something comforting about knowing you have more land than you know what to do with. You can raise animals, go to town and haggle with the grocer or market vendors, chat with some new neighbours. The possibilities are endless when you’re in the country. Studies have shown time and again that people outside the city are generally happier and more satisfied with their lives.

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So don’t deprive yourself. Save up for a new home and move to the country. Life is easier, but it certainly keeps its share of nice surprises.