Landscape Gardening in Richmond for Businesses

Posted on Mar 15 2018 - 7:08pm by Home Gurus

landscape gardeningLandscape gardening in Richmond can have a big impact on a business. Whether it helps to impress clients or gives employees somewhere amazing to take breaks and have meetings, a well-crafted outdoor space can be a real asset.

To make the most of a business-based garden, it’s worth employing an expert, like Town and Country Gardens, to help with landscape gardening in Richmond. They can create a design that meets the needs and expectations of the business as well as meeting budget targets.

Steps to achieve a landscape gardening project

A landscape gardening service should start by consulting with their client about their vision for their outdoor business space. Do they want something unusual and eye-catching that will be noticed and commented on by clients? Are they looking for something more employee-focused with seating areas and a relaxing feel? This is also a good time to talk about budget.

Next is the design phase. This is where the landscape gardening team will gather more technical information about the space including measurements, areas of light and shade, soil consistency (if applicable) and so on. They will combine this with the client’s vision and come up with a series of preliminary designs. This is then followed by another consultation where the client has a chance to comment on and refine the design.

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Once the design is finalised, the landscape gardening service can propose a project plan to lay out a timetable for completion and source the materials required. They will then be ready to get started. While it is true that it is hard to predict exactly how a project will go, a good firm will be able to give their client reassurances about deadlines and do things to speed up the process if there are unavoidable delays.

All of the above can happen in a relatively short space of time for a smaller project or over longer periods, perhaps with more consultations, for a large build or redesign. The client should feel like they can trust the landscape gardening team to make independent decisions but also that they are in control. This is a fine balance that a great landscape gardening service will be able to achieve.