Kitchen Designs That Never Go Out of Style

Posted on Aug 2 2016 - 10:23am by Home Gurus

Kitchen Design TipsMarble countertops, glass fronted drawers and a pantry that can keep the freshest ingredients – who wouldn’t want these in their own kitchen? It’s almost every homeowner’s dream to have the perfect kitchen.

What defines a perfectly-designed kitchen? What elements do you need to make that design happen?

To give you an idea of what to put into your culinary space, here are some classic kitchen designs for your reference:

White for Your Background

Simple but with a classic touch, white remains a top colour choice for kitchen backgrounds. This hue is best for accentuating details, such as those marvellous kitchen cabinets. It makes a small space appear bigger and airy. White kitchen backdrops go well with wooden furniture to give your space added warmth and beauty.

Shelves for Extra Storage

Not all homes have the luxury of space, but this is not a problem for Brisbane’s experts on kitchen designs. Some designers recommend using every inch of available space for storage, and what better way to do this than by adding shelves. Above-cabinet storage makes a great example of classic shelving for small spaces. This gives you the extra space to place your ingredients or small pans without making the room appear crowded.

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Small Islands for Your Central Area

A small island in the middle of your kitchen provides the extra space you need when you’re cooking, or can serve as a simple nook for breakfast if there’s extra space for a stool or two on the side. Marble tops are often the favourite choice of homeowners for their kitchen islands, but repurposed items can also make an interesting material for this feature.

You don’t need to go all out on your kitchen design just to recreate the classic. As long as you have a clear budget, a thorough design plan, and the go signal from the experts, you can turn your kitchen into a classic beauty.