Is Your House Vacation Ready?

Posted on Apr 24 2018 - 1:00am by Home Gurus

a living roomWho doesn't want to go on a vacation? It's easy enough to pack up your stuff for a weekend trip, but don't let your excitement make you forget important things before you leave. The last thing you want is for the rejuvenating effects of a vacation to be undone by problems you come back to. 

Check these parts of the house to prevent troubles while you're gone: 

Plumbing System

Noticed that your faucet is dripping even when it's closed shut? Adjust it before you pack your bags. Check for any clogs that could cause a backflow unless you want to come home to water damage. All the plumbing repair should be carried out by a Salt Lake City contractor like Whipple Service Champions before you go on your vacation to save yourself from skyrocketing prices and a conscience that screams water wastage. 

Electrical Grid 

A vacant home in Utah has been damaged due to a fire. You don't want to face the same situation and come back to ashes where your dream home used to be. Fires are worse than burglary because the house itself could be gone, together with all your valuables, no matter how safely hidden. Switch off and unplug all appliances before you go. You may also switch off the main, to prevent illegal settlers from using your house without permission. 

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Door and Window Locks 

Checking the locks is one of the basics of securing a home, but many people still forget to do it. When you leave a door unlocked, you're voluntarily giving burglars access to all your things. Windows should be shut tightly, so they don't serve as an alternative entrance. If you don't use smart locks, double check each door before you go. Use curtains and blinds to hide the interior of the house, so burglars will not see the layout of the house and have an idea of the items you keep inside. 

You deserve to go on a trip, but prepare the house for your absence. Check that everything is in order, so you'll come back with a smile on your face and no problems to worry about.