How to Make a Struggling Air Conditioner Last the Summer

Posted on Mar 16 2015 - 9:34am by Home Gurus

Air ConditionerDuring the summer, it’s understandable that most air conditioning systems will find it hard to cope with the heat. The big, centralised ones are struggling to last days without malfunctioning, so what could possibly happen to the small ones installed in houses? The truth is, people flock to beaches or anywhere cool enough for them to stop sweating, or swearing.

The best thing for everyone is to get preventive services from HVAC repair companies. Fortunately, they don’t choose what they work on; whether it’s a split-type AC or a Fujitsu ducted air conditioning, their maintenance crews will prepare your unit for the sunny season.

In the meantime, here are some practical ways you can help your AC:

1. Limit UV Ray Entry

In simple terms, keep the sunlight out of your home. The best time to whip out your curtains is from 8 am until 3 in the afternoon. This is when the day is at its hottest. Keeping your house cooler will demand less assistance from your AC and ultimately, consume less energy.

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2. Buy Extra Fans

Don’t fret because some fans are like mini-air conditioners. Tower fans are slimmer versions of the old-school fans that different settings. You can change it using a remote control and make it blow faster, cooler air. It isn’t the long-term solution, but it’s enough to last the day.

3. Clean AC Filter

A dirty filter is one of the biggest reasons a unit is performing poorly. It’s easy to detach for any model and cleaning it will improve the quality of the air that circulates in your home. You can change it if it’s damaged or the dirt clung too hard on its surface.

4. Look for Disconnected Ducts

This is a job best left to the professionals, but if you can do it, sort it now rather than wait. If the ducts are accessible anyway, check it once in a while to ensure that everything is connected.

5. Switch Attic Ventilators Off

On a hot day, attic ventilators actually steal cool air from your home. Turning it off could be the answer to achieving a comfortable atmosphere in your home.

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Once you feel that your AC unit is straining too much, contact an HVAC repair team and let them solve the problem. Getting them beforehand will definitely help you during the scorching summer days.