How Much Should You Pay for Fireplace Repairs in Salt Lake City?

Posted on Jul 20 2018 - 7:53pm by Ann Gillispie

Custom Fireplace SolutionsHouseholds in Utah that need repairs for their fireplace in Salt Lake City might have to spend $452, which is the national median cost in the US for 2018.

The usual price ranges between $155 and $748 depending on the required work and the type of damages. Custom fireplaces might need specialist repairs, so you should expect to spend a bit more.

Expensive Repairs

Cracks are some of the most expensive types of repairs that may cost up to $3,000 when a replacement is necessary. If the gaps are only small, you may just spend around $175 to fix them when there are no other problems.

Leaks can sometimes pass through these cracks, and these may add up to $350 for repairs. In some cases, the kind of fireplace you have at home may be more prone to certain damages. Outdoor sets tend to be damaged the most due to exposure to the elements, particularly in places with four seasons.

Even if you don’t see any problems with your outdoor fireplace, you should have it checked after an earthquake to be sure that it remains intact.

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Customized Unit

If you want to customize your fireplace in Salt Lake City, a ventless one serves as a good option. One of the most affordable ways to have one involves the use of gel-based units. You no longer need plumbing for this type of ventless fireplace.

A gel-based unit uses fuel canisters that stay ignited for a maximum of three hours. It also doesn’t need a chimney unlike traditional fireplaces, which saves wall and floor space. Consult with a professional to find out if this is the right one for your home.

A fireplace at home serves an important purpose not just for heating, but also for aesthetic reasons. It’s important to keep it well-maintained since it can improve the value of your home once you plan to resell it.