How Do You Keep Your Home Safe During A Renovation Project?

Posted on Sep 12 2018 - 9:49am by Home Gurus

painter looking at the wallIt’s easy to be distracted by a lot of construction work at home, especially if you want everything to be perfect. However, security is just as important during a renovation project.

Strangers will be going in and out of your property, even if you’re just planning to renovate your garage with roller door motors. In Brisbane, households in the city are among the leading spenders in home renovation nationwide.

More Renovations

More Australians will reconstruct their houses this year based on the Housing Industry of Australia’s forecast. The group expects a 3.2 per cent increase in renovation work for 2018. The next two years will record smaller growth, yet it still bodes well for tradesmen and other contractors.

In terms of home security, experts suggest home-owners lock rooms that aren’t part of the project. Make sure that building materials are safely stored at night to discourage thieves from snooping around. While tighter security applies to anyone, this is more important for those in Brisbane and other parts of Queensland, as they are currently the biggest spenders in the country.

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Big Budget

Queensland households spent almost $1.5 billion for renovation projects in the year to March, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics data. Some people even spent $500,000 particularly for excavation and structural work.

Others simply spent $100 that could involve a new coat of paint for the house or a new garage, while those who added living spaces splurged up to $150,000. Growing families accounted for the most renovation work for home expansion for outdoor and interior spaces.


Whether you’re upgrading the garage or remodelling the kitchen, it’s important to be more aware of safety during the construction work. Ask for references from family and friends about trusted contractors, preferably those who have already done work for them.