Home Building 101: 4 Things to Know When Designing a Floor Plan

Posted on Jul 4 2018 - 5:22pm by Kevin Hogan

Architect designing a floor planNew home building involves a lot of things. Due to this, people often get confused about the processes and overlook some important details surrounding this project. Among the things they fail to check and review is the floor plan of their future home.

To make the best decision on this particular aspect of your future home, here are a few valuable tips to help you get through with this:

1. Identifying the Orientation

Before creating a floor plan, take the time to assess the location of the lot. This is to determine the orientation and view of your future home. Would it be smart to have your house face the road or towards the side street? Things like these would matter to maximise the space you have as well as provide the best accessibility to your property.

2. Planning the Traffic Flow

To improve the room-to-room access around your home, it’s important you fix the traffic flow of your space. Scenario Architecture explains that residential architects are often the ones responsible for creating a floor plan. In case you want to change anything or insert something, it’s a must to discuss and consult your architect about it. This is so they could work out the most perfect plan and design for your home.

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3. Finding the Visual Connection

Ensure that there’s no area in your future home is out of place by always making a connection to each and every room. A floor plan is not just about which room goes where, it’s also about creating a link on every part of the house. This will eliminate the feeling of isolation towards a specific area in both your indoor and outdoor space.

4. Creating the Walk Spaces

Hallways and walk spaces is another essential aspect you can’t overlook in your home. Without having enough of these, you might struggle to go around your house. This could influence your overall comfort as you stay and live on the property so be sure you take note of it.

A new home building is equally exciting and stressful, but don’t let the latter takeover. Learn to be responsible and ensure you don’t overlook on anything critical as you get on with floor planning with these reminders. With these things, you could certainly build a home that would exact your need and taste.

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