High or Low? The Effects of Water Pressure on Your Pipes

Posted on Aug 25 2015 - 12:00am by Home Gurus

water pipeKnowing everything about your plumbing system is important to help you deter future problems. When it comes to your home water supply, it pays to learn how water pressure affects your plumbing system.

The right pressure aids in the proper flow of water in your home’s pipe system. Too much or too little can affect how the pipes deliver water to your kitchen and bathroom faucets.

Factors that Determine Water Pressure

Many things can affect water pressure. The elevation of your water supply and the pipe positions must be well-structured to receive enough gravitational force. The higher the reservoir is, the stronger the water pressure will be.

Another factor that controls pressure is the number of users getting their supply from the reservoir. Municipal reservoirs that supply 50 households have higher water pressure than one that supplies for a 100. Thermal expansion in summer can also affect the water pressure temporarily.

Implications of Low Water Pressure

Low pressure means the water is running slow in the pipes. When the pressure is low, only droplets of water come out of the faucet.

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With low pressure sending water to the valves, it takes time for the toilet tank to fill up. Low water pressure may mean many things, including leaking pipes that take out much of the water before it reaches your tap. Hire a Gold Coast plumbing  company to locate and fix the damage.

Damages Brought by High Water Pressure

High pressure sends the water supply streaming more rapidly to the pipes. The strong force may be too overwhelming for the pipes, which cause these to break. Prevent pipe leaks due to high pressure by regulating the pressure.

Apart from the pipes, high water pressure can damage fixtures and appliances. Call a plumber immediately to adjust the pressure regulator and prevent further damage.

Water pressure differs for every home; this may depend on many factors, like your home’s location and the condition of your pipe system. Keep your water pressure in check to prevent damages and piping problems in the future.