Green Solutions to Keep Your Swimming Pool Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Posted on Jan 15 2016 - 8:14am by Home Gurus

Private PoolPrivate pools are one of the costlier additions in your home, but it can be one of the most enjoyed features too. When you have any intentions of living an energy efficient and eco-friendly lifestyle, however, keeping your pool environment-friendly and economical may prove a challenge. Yes, a challenge, but not an impossible task.

Share Your Pool

A private pool, whether it’s natural or man-made, is supposed to be private, but you make it a setting for events. Why not rent it out once in a while to neighbours who don’t have pools of their own? It’s the perfect setup: less wastage of good treated pool water, while you earn a bit on the side.

Go The Eco-Friendly Way

Replace your pumps and filter with energy-saving models. There are eco-friendly models available in Perth home depots that use salt instead of chlorine, or even both. Instead of using incandescent lights, use LED bulbs. Use glass fencing for your pool, since glass is environment-friendly, recyclable and can be cleaned with organic and biodegradable cleaners.

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Go All Natural

Try taking environmental awareness to the next level. Replace pumps and filters with plants, along with natural misting equipment to aerate and clean the water. You can even replace the usual concrete and tile with gravel and clay. Use non-chemical and bio-degradable solutions, some of which are DIY, instead of chlorine. Your ecosystem will greatly appreciate it.

There are more eco-friendly solutions, but not all of them include keeping your pool. Solutions such as converting your swimming pool into a fishpond, a wading pool or an enclosed garden can be a little extreme but still viable. However, if you want to keep your pool, be comforted that there’s a way to keep it and your green lifestyle afloat.