Get Roof Repairs Done Before Your House Turns into a Pool

Posted on Aug 8 2015 - 3:15am by Home Gurus

Roof RepairsYour home is one of your most precious investments. It is likely that you consider it as the safest place for you and your family. Nonetheless, a house can be just as dangerous as the outside world if you fail to see to your responsibilities in caring for it. Maintaining your roof is one of those responsibilities.

Roofing problems require immediate repairs, unless you want your home to turn into a disaster area during unexpected storms. Besides, it is better to get even the smallest issues out of the way immediately. Ask any Perth roofing repair professional; they will say how repairs will save you from unnecessary expenses and inconveniences later on.

Here are some of the most common roofing problems that you need to repair ASAP:


As the Australian Government has pointed out, leaks have the potential of causing severe damage to your home. Fortunately, these problems are usually easy to detect, especially when it is raining.

Some of the other clues of leak damage on your roof are:

  • Dark spots or discolouration on your ceilings
  • Peeling or cracking paint on the underside of your roof overhang
  • Damp or moist spots on the area where your walls meet your ceilings, as well as the sides of the fireplace

Apart from the roof, improperly maintained or faulty gutters can also be sources of leaks. Make sure you inspect your gutters and roof regularly to avoid this problem.

Visible Damages

Fallen tree branches and trunks, hail and other debris can cause physical damages to your roof. Improper maintenance and old age can make your roof vulnerable to these problems. The good news is most of these damages are visible. Once you notice them, call your local roof professionals for repairs.

The most common physical roof damages include:

  • Cracks
  • Splits
  • Missing tiles
  • Component corrosion
  • Dislodged or lifting flashings

It is important to fix these problems to prevent them from causing more damage. Be proactive and make regular inspections a habit — this can make a big difference on the integrity of your roofing structure.