From the Inside Out: The Secret to Making Outdoor Rooms Feel Like Home

Posted on Sep 24 2015 - 2:34am by Home Gurus

 Outdoor RoomsIt’s the perfect image of weekend relaxation: you’re out in the backyard, reading your favourite romance novel, while sipping a cup of tea. Everything goes well in this beautiful daydream, until you feel uneasy as you feel unprotected from the sun, rain, and prying eyes of neighbours.

There’s only one way to keep this horrible nightmare away: give your outdoor rooms a structure. Structures offer a sense of security and privacy, making your exterior space feel more like home.

Simply Sophisticated: Wood or Metal Structures

One of the most popular ways to create structure is build pergolas. You may choose wood or metal for this. There are many ways to create shades for these types of structures. You can use fabrics, lattice, and curtains to let in just enough natural light in the space. You may also grow some vines in the structure to have a natural shade.

Other than pergolas, fences are also a foolproof way to give your outdoor room a structure. These can also be wood or metal material. Fences act as a barrier that will keep out distracting views from the streets. Choose a fence design that has a slight gap between boards. Go for horizontal wood or aluminium slat fences. This creates a modern feel to your exterior room.

Go Green: ‘Natural Structures’

Use freestanding trellis; this will serve as a garden wall. When climbing plants fill the area, the structure will offer privacy to your little outdoor nook and define the space. You may also place big metal planter boxes at the entrance of your garden. This will give the same effect as that of the freestanding trellis.

Grow and espalier vines as well. With this, you will easily create an impression of a natural curtain in your yard, which gives the space more character, while letting in natural light and offering views. Know that espaliered vines require maintenance, though, to keep them in visually appealing condition.

Create a homey atmosphere in your outdoor space by building structures. Bring the inside out by trying these exterior design ideas.