Four Interior Design Tips to Maximise Small Spaces

Posted on Apr 10 2018 - 7:06am by Ann Gillispie

interior of an apartmentEvery home-owner wants a bright and smart-looking home. If you find your space looking small and cluttered, then you must go ahead and follow these interior design tips discussed by to make your home look and feel bigger than it actually is.

What material can make your walls look extended?

Glass block and sandblasted glass walls can easily make your home look bigger. It lets the natural light in, creating an effect of a bright and wide room. Units that face an alley or another building can also benefit from this, as the glass will allow every inch of natural light to come into the home, brightening it up immediately.

What type of lights should you install in your kitchen?

If you have a long and narrow galley kitchen, using downward-facing lights will help a lot. This will make the walls appear to be thrusting out, which immediately adds breadth to a very narrow space. The lights will also illuminate the room, giving it a vibrant vibe.

What door should you use?

For extremely narrow and small spaces, using pocket or barn doors is a good option. It eliminates the need to swing the door open, giving you more space. It is also easier to operate compared to the usual swinging door.

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Will sconces help clear the space?

Sconces are a great alternative to floor and table lamps. Since these types of lighting will be installed on your walls, you will save a lot of space. It is also much safer than floor and table lamps, as those have a high chance of being knocked over and breaking apart.

If you are looking for more ways to savvy up your space and make it look bigger than it is, then go ahead and consult a professional interior designer. There are lots of companies who offer great services to those looking to brighten up their spaces. Do your research and have your home looking huge in no time.