Floor Colour Guide: When Choosing a Timber Shade is a Struggle

Posted on Aug 11 2015 - 2:08am by Home Gurus

Timber FloorContrary to popular belief, timber flooring also comes in a wide variety of colours. You don’t just get a brown floor when your go for timber as flooring material. You can get everything from cream pale to light pinks, yellows to grey, and dark browns to rich reds. This depends on the choice of hardwood species you want to use.

With the various selections of wood shades, how do you choose the right floor colour for your home? Chelsea Flooring shares a few tips and suggestions below:

Complement existing furnishings

It is important to look into the tones and texture of other design elements in your house. This includes the walls, ceilings, furniture and other prominent decors and accessories.

Find a wood colour that would complement the existing palette and theme. While it’s fine to freely choose a colour your personally want, make sure the overall look of the room or area doesn’t end up in a disaster.

Use dark timbers wisely

Dark coloured timbers work well if you want to achieve a more formal look. This makes it a good option in home offices. They also highlight modern interior decors.

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However, don’t use them in small rooms with dark coloured wall, as it will make it look gloomier. It’s either you create contrast with the wall or go for a hue that complements it well.

Consider the lighting

There’s a high chance the lighting in your home changes throughout the day. When you bring home floor samples, it’s wise to test how it looks with artificial light during night time and with natural light during daytime.

Go for a light-toned hardwood species if you want to bring a brighter feel to a dark room. If you have glass walls and you get plenty of sunlight, then a dark floor would not make a bad choice.

Keep these things in mind when choosing the right floor colour. When you’re not confident with your decision, you can always consult with a specialist in floorboards to help you find the right shade and species.