Dreading Water Damage? What You Should Understand

Posted on Feb 2 2017 - 2:58pm by Home Gurus

Water Damage in Prince GeorgeNothing is as stressful as having to deal with water damage in your home or business in Prince George especially if it is your first time. Multiple questions are bound to run across your mind. What are the causes? How much do I have to part with to clear the mess? How can I avoid this situation from reoccurring?

Amidst the mess, below are some of the things you should know about water damage:

The Longer You Wait, the Worse the Damage

Once your property has experienced water damage, there is no convenient time to start the clean-up process. There are mold spores everywhere and they only need moisture to grow. The longer you wait, the more time you give to the mold to grow. Mold growth promotes secondary damage by presenting a health risk to the environment. To prevent this, clean your property within 48 hours and if you cannot do it yourself, contact a contractor who deals with water damage restoration.

Contact Your Insurance Company Immediately

Call your insurance company right away after discovering water damage, so that they can commence the claims process. The insurance agent may also advise you on what to do to prevent worse cases of water damage.

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Your Insurance Does Not Cover All Water Damage

It is good to acquaint yourself with your insurance policy and what it covers. For example, many insurance policies cover water damage as a result of storm or water overflow and overlook water damage caused by careless behavior when dealing with water in your property.

Water damage is dangerous for your property, your wallet, your health and that of your property occupants; hence you should make it a priority to prevent water damage as a part of home maintenance. The good thing is if you know the basics of water damage and what to do when it happens, you are better placed in the event of a water damage scenario in your property.