Drain Problems? Eliminate It with Comprehensive Cleaning Services

Posted on Jul 12 2016 - 9:41am by Home Gurus

Professional Plumber in UtahHave you ever wondered what connects your sewer and plumbing systems? Perhaps you have, or not, drain systems serve as the connection point between the two systems. The main purpose of a drain system is to dispose wastewater carefully and effectively. This implies that if your drain system is not in good shape, carrying out your daily chores such as washing, and showering could be quite difficult.

Here are some signs that indicate your drains need cleaning: 

Bad Smells

If you notice a bad smell in the house, a high probability is that it’s due to clogging of dirt in your drain pipes. The kitchen is the most susceptible place due to the presence of kitchen waste. If there are multiple smells, the problem could be deep in the sewer system.

Slow Water Drainage

The continued build-up of waste in your drain pipes causes it the alignment of waste at the center of the pipes. This then restricts the flow of water down the drain resulting to slow draining. This is a good indicator that you should clean your drains.

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Drain Cleaning

You can rely on experienced plumbers to offer you professional drain cleaning services. The plumber first evaluates your system to determine the source of the clog. They then perform a video camera pipe inspection — attaching a camera to a long wire then feeding it to your drain system. The inspection gives a closer view of the clogs and the exact location of the blockage.

Depending on the size of the clog, a plumber can either use a plumbing snake or hydro jetting. A plumbing snake is a common tool for unclogging drains; however, a plumber uses a more powerful snake to break down the existing clogs leading to blockage. A hydro jet uses water to generate high pressure that breaks down the clog and force them down your pipes.

Experiencing few clogs, healthier pipes, and better performance of all systems in your house are some of the benefits you can accrue from drain cleaning services. Consult professionals today and forget drain problems in your home.