Do You Have a Failing Roof? Watch Out for These Indicators

Posted on Aug 24 2015 - 8:30am by Home Gurus

RoofProblems with the roof can result in more structural issues and concerns. It’s important you know how to tell if it needs repairs. Here are three symptoms that say you need to do something — and fast.

  1. Unsightly Spots on the Ceiling

A common failing roof symptom is the development of water spots on the ceiling. Not only are these spots ugly, they also mean you have a leaking roof and your home may soon have molds and mildew problems. It’s usually easy to spot the areas causing leaks. Hiding the water stains is not a problem either, but things can get challenging if the water isn’t dripping straight down.

  1. Ugly Markings on Your Walls’ Exteriors

Spots and marks on the exterior surfaces of your walls can also develop due to a faulty roof. This means the step flashing joining the roof and the wall is damaged, loose, or rusty.

Step flashing repairs and replacements are tricky, since they involve dealing with the integration of the roof and the siding. It’s wiser to call a pro than to attempt fixing it on your own and causing even more problems.

  1. Blocked Gutters

The gutter is an integral component of a roofing system, as it collects water and directs it away from the structure. When you notice water splashing on different sides, it means you have a malfunctioning gutter. This is usually an indicator of blocked, clogged, or damaged gutters.

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Because of its importance, contractors from Trend Construction Inc. suggest replacing the gutters if you decide to replace your roof. Even if you don’t need roof replacement, however, keep the gutters clean to remove any debris and avoid clogs.

Your roof protects you, and you should protect it from damages, too. Remember, failing roofs won’t hold against extreme weather — and that endangers your family.