Design Ideas for Customizing Your Privacy Fence

Posted on Jan 18 2018 - 4:07pm by Home Gurus

Brick and metal fenceFor a long time, aesthetics and functionality were mutually exclusive things. However, nowadays, homeowners can enjoy the privacy their fence provides alongside the flair of customization. They can experience different styles not just to create privacy but also to stand out.

Most basic fence installations in Sarasota, for instance, will combine a cedar fence with a clean look house after house. No homeowner wants a home that blends with every other person’s yard. How then do you embellish? Before any work starts, ask your contractor to give you a combination of different elements and styles for you to choose. You can also opt to give your own ideas on the design of the fence.

The basic fence

The standard wood fence will be six-foot tightly fitted wood boards with a flat top. One way the contractor can customize this is to make the boards dog-eared. If that is not to your taste, you can try different widths of the board with alternating heights. Only remember to decide early so that the contractor can factor it in before the job starts to avoid incurring extra costs.

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The picture frame privacy fence

In this case, your fence will have vertical posts connected to horizontal rails to frame a section by section of your fence. The framing injects charm and beauty into your fence while giving you countless opportunities to customize. You can decide the number of frames, their colors and so forth before the work starts.

The lattice topped fence

As the name suggests, this fence will have trellis along the top for decorative purposes. If you get a very creative installation company, they can experiment with the idea to have lattice sections into the body of the fence. Alternatively, the lattice can be used as a frame.

With as many options as these, there is no reason your fence should look regular. In fact, you should be able even to combine these ideas to create other unique designs that meet your taste. Only be sure the account for the plans in your price and to let the contractor know early enough or you risk being disappointed.

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