Day Projects: Using Your Windows for a Subtle Home Transformation

Posted on Feb 2 2016 - 1:00am by Home Gurus

WindowsA home decorating project typically involves paint, new fabric, and maybe a little crafting. But, have you ever considered a home transformation just by altering your windows? Learn how you can make subtle transformations with this part of your home.

A different way of decorating

While it’s true that getting a different set of curtains or installing new blinds can instantly transform the feel of a room, these do little to nothing for the personality of the home from the outside. This is where the use of decorative window film comes in.

More than just protection

It is easy to think of window films as a means of protection, particularly if you spend a lot of time on the road. These types of window films usually have the characteristics of protecting the vehicle’s occupants from heat, providing privacy, and holding glass together in case of collisions.

Beyond its practical uses, window films can be used by homeowners to liven up both the interior and exterior of their home by altering the look of the glass itself. This, in turn, can give the window an inexpensive but impressive makeover.

Choosing the right design

For a minimalist but whimsical look, go for a design that utilises different texture layers to create a pattern. Another idea is to choose a design done in black and white. Amongst the variations in decorative patterns, these are likely to be the easiest to match with your interior's motif.

If your room’s colour scheme and furnishing is simple, suggests using your windows as both an interior and exterior design focus. You can create the illusion of having an expensive stained glass window by designs that simulate the look. Some window film providers can even customise designs for you. Keep in mind that coloured designs will alter how light filters into the room.

You are not limited to just windows. These films can adhere to other surfaces, but be sure to consult your supplier on the type of film you need.

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