Creating a Focal Point in Your Living Room

Posted on Nov 25 2017 - 1:00am by Home Gurus

Living roomWhen you create a focal point in your living room and arrange your furniture around it, your house becomes more energized and inviting. A focal point can be an accent wall, a fireplace, artwork, mirrors or even a dramatic piece of furniture. The choice of focal point features depends on your creativity, so the list is endless.

A fireplace

A fireplace can be a breathtaking focal point for your room. Besides, fireplaces can help reduce your energy bills, especially during winter. Comfort Solutions agrees that a fireplace provides a natural way of heating a room without the need to use electricity. If you look at the various designs of contemporary fireplaces in Salt Lake City, you will find great options that fit your budget and home décor. You can install a direct-vent fireplace to remove combustible elements while retaining warmth in the house.


A large, colorful piece of art can provide a focal feature in a living room. If you decide to use an artwork, mount it where it’s visible from your door. The art piece should be proportional to the size of the wall. If you have a large wall, go for a large artwork. Clever backlighting can create a dramatic effect that emphasizes the piece.

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Accent wall

If your living room is devoid of architectural features, an accent wall can be a perfect focal point. For a permanent pattern, you can use either stones or tiles, and for temporal patterns, you can use wallpapers. You could also paint one side of the wall with a different color, preferably a complementary one.

An armoire

The sheer size of an armoire will command attention in any room. You can accessorize inside the armoire using colorful accessories, baskets, or even small paintings. You can also place lovely vases with plants on top of the armoire as décor.

When choosing a focal point in your living room, a great place is to start is to identify the first thing or the biggest you see when you enter the room. If your living room lacks this point, then the above features can help you create one.