By Myself: Why Tackling Plumbing Repairs on Your Own is Bad Idea

Posted on Apr 15 2016 - 1:00pm by Home Gurus

Plumbing Repairs in UtahWhile taking risks may sound like a courageous act in life, it is not entirely applicable when tackling plumbing issues. Fixing leaks and replacing a toilet on your own may save you a few dollars, but DIY plumbing can lead to costly repairs without the right skills and knowledge. Some might argue about reading tutorials and watching guides online, but they are not enough in fixing the problem.

Here is what might happen if you try to solve plumbing issues without right the tools and skills.

Damaged Fixtures

When dealing with a minor problem like clogged drain, a simple plunger might solve the problem. When it proves to be inefficient, however, you may try to use a more complicated tool you haven’t used before or perform a clearing technique you once saw online. While your intention is good, you have to realize that different types of drain require different tools. If you use the wrong one, you can damage the fixture, leading to more expensive repairs.

Sagging Pipes

When installing new pipes, the common technique is to place them along the basement ceiling. The most common mistake, however, is forgetting to support the hanging pipes. Beehive Plumbing and other plumbers in Utah note that without proper support from fittings to branch connections, problems are likely to develop. Pipe sagging and expansion, mechanical failure, and water damage in the basement are just a few of its repercussions.

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Failed Installation

When it comes hot water heater installation, wrong techniques can cause fires and even poison indoor air. If you only rely on guides and DIY videos, you may run the risk of ruining the water heater and can cause more expensive problems. The same goes with installing an ejector pump, as you might cause considerable damage to the house if not installed properly.

Don’t run the risk of causing more plumbing problems by handling the repairs on your own. It is best to call a plumber to tackle the problem in the best possible way.